We are involved in a range of different activities to revitalize the town of Fujisato in Akita Prefecture at the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains.
Hanano Minpaku Dori

Hanano Minpaku Street
(private inn street)

There are four farm inn in the Fujisato, Kasuge area, which can accommodate up to 24 people. The farmhouses are concentrated along a single road, and this street is called “Hanano Minpaku Street.”

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The charm of Hanano Minpaku Dori

Junin to iro
(“Ten people, Ten colors”)
(Japanese proverb meaning “To each his own”)

I like carp fishing, I like mushroom hunting, I like paper artwork, I like dance ... The residents of Kasuge are like the “10 people” in the proverb.
This is a lively village with a real sense of excitement about its festivals and banquets. Feel the warmth of the local people and you’ll soon want to get to know them better.

Experiences of daily life

The daily treat is a dish of vegetables picked from the field that morning. You’ll find time to enjoy handicrafts together, listen to some memorable stories, and just relax.
Why not try a lifestyle that is close to nature and culture?


Every dish made by the ladies of Kasuge is exquisite! Damako (rice balls), Kiritanpo (mashed rice skewers), nankonabe (stewed horse intestines), sansai (mountain plants): these are unique flavors you’ll only find in this region Try these dishes once and you’ll want to eat them again and again!

These houses are known for their origami and paper art decorations, colorful dishes, unique people, and ornamental knicknacks.

Introduction to the inn

Farm Inn: Bunanomori
(“Beech Forest)

Bunanomori (“Beech Forest)

A room with a view that gives you a sense of the four seasons. Conversation with the host at night is one of the best accompaniments to sake!

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Farm Inn: Tou

Farm Inn Tou

Creative recipes and local dishes made by the proprietor, a skillful cook, served on specially chosen tableware. A pretty and unique inn. There’s nowhere else quite like this!

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Farm Inn: Sanko no Yado
(“Sanko Inn)

農家民宿 さんこの宿

Rice tastes better when we eat together! Good conversation is the best accompaniment to food. Enjoy a warm and hospitable meal

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Farm Inn: Nokko no Ie
(“Nokko House”)

農家民宿 のっこの家

Enjoy conversation with memories evoked by photos and paper artwork. Can you think of a name for this interestingly shaped vegetable?

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