We are involved in a range of different activities to revitalize the town of Fujisato in Akita Prefecture at the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains.

Overview of Fujisato Treestation

A way of reinvigorating people and the forest itself!

This project uses unused wood in publicly and privately owned forests. Wood is piled up onto small trucks and sold on to the chip factory. It brings in some extra income and helps people to get involved with mountain work activities.

The accumulated wood is paid for with vouchers that can be exchanged at establishments in Fujisato. This is a project that is aimed at revitalizing the local area as well as improving the forest environment.

Treestation activities include

Fujisato Treestation

Fujisato Treestation shipment registration manager

Anyone who makes a shipment must register in advance with the Fujisato Forestry Promotion Council in advance. (Registrations accepted on the day)

  1. The shippers are all Fujisato residents. Only cedar wood from the town forest can be collected.
  2. Shippers tend to be individuals, and registration is required even for group shipments.
  3. The amount to be shipped is measured and declared by the individuals themselves. They are trusted to make their own declarations.
  4. The collected wood is settled at the end of the month. The purchase is 5,000 yen/m³.
    * A small truck carries about 0.4m³.

Required standards

  1. Material to be packed together tightly. (Rotten wood is discarded)
  2. Pieces to be 90-180cm in length, with a diameter of 8cm or more (at the thin end.) (Excluding bark)
  3. Wood to be trimmed and leaves removed.

Factory requirements

  1. Timber to be laid out in preset positions (names are marked out).
  2. Wood to be measured and diameter noted in chalk at the end (thin end) in 2cm increments.
  3. Length and diameter of each piece to be written on the prescribed form and submitted.
  4. If the person delivering the timber is not the actual owner, a consent form is required from the owner.

* Located in the grounds of the Experience Exchange Facility at Shimizudai Satoyama Forest.

Product voucher participation requirements

  1. Product vouchers can only be used at registered stores.
  2. Vouchers cannot be used after the expiry date shown on the tickets.
  3. Stores which accept product vouchers will display a Treestation Co-operative poster.

Equipment rental

Machinery needed for collecting unused wood is available (lifter trucks, portable winches). (Fee applies)

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