We are involved in a range of different activities to revitalize the town of Fujisato in Akita Prefecture at the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains.
Located at the foot of the Shirakami Mountains, Fujisato Genkijuku’s purpose is to preserve the nature of Fujisato, cherish the blessings of nature and help other people. Fujisato Genkijuku,NPO

Main activities

· Continue exchanges with cities such as Fujisawa to increase the local population.
· Strive to resolve issues in community support areas with Tokyo area supporters.
· Become independent by expanding its range of activities in cooperation with NPOs and companies in the prefecture.
· Conduct collaborative projects in cooperation with the government, including relocation and permanent settlement.
· Organize and perform music events for the benefit of the local residents.
· Plan utilization of tourism resources (rice terraces, fireflies, etc).
· Through the farm guesthouse business, develop sustainable businesses such as farmhouses, farmhouse restaurants, and food products to revitalize the region.
· Increase income through growing garlic, processed products and woodwork.
· Manage the Tree Station
· Cultivate Japanese char (trout).

Recruiting new members

NPO Fujisato Genkijuku is looking for people to be supporting members and to make donations. Thank you in advance for your support.


Description:Fujisato Genkijuku non-profit organization
Founded:October 1, 2010
Members:16 people; 22 supporter members
Chairman:Hiroaki Fujihara

Grants and subsidies

2011 January: "Sugichi” (Akita mascot) Fund Grant
2012 April: The Toyota Foundation Community Program Grant (for FY 2011)
October 27: Fujisawa City Kugenumakaigan Shopping District Promotion Association and Fujisato Genkijuku signed a cooperation agreement in the event of a disaster
December 16: Outsourcing of verification process for support for the elderly and for people requiring assistance in Akita.
2015 March 31 - Akita regional support system model project
July - Survey for creation of land bank of unoccupied houses in Fujisato
2016 April 1 - Tohoku Electric Power Community Development Support System; Adoption of support for “Machizukuri Genkijuku”
June - Outsourcing of Fujisato relocation and settlement support activities
October - Fujisato trial living tour (work experience) outsourcing activities
2017 April - Outsourcing of Fujisato relocation and settlement support activities
April - Akita community chest fund subsidy
July - Fujisato trial living tour (work experience) outsourcing activities
August - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries farm stay promotion activities
October 21 Akita Prefecture Community Donation Grant Symposium (General Development Center)
December 9/10 PR activities for Kugenumakaigan Shopping District year-end sale (including Fujisato and Shirakami Mountains)
2018 February 10/11 Kasuge District Snow Festival (Iwate Prefecture) (Residents of Towa, Hanamaki City, ARC members, etc.)
Fujikoto 52,Fujikoto,Fujisato,Yamamoto-gun,Akita,018-3201
TEL; FAX 0185-74-6102 E-Mail info@fujisato.info
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