We are involved in a range of different activities to revitalize the town of Fujisato in Akita Prefecture at the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains.
Fujisato Genkijuku,NPO
The residents of Fujisato at the gateway to Akita Prefecture in the Shirakami Mountains are united in their love of this town and their commitment to its prosperity and wellbeing. Many of them are involved in conservation activities, such as looking after the precious rice terraces and protecting the fireflies. Experienced craftspeople in the community create and sell folk craft products made with local materials. Please come to visit the beech forests in the Shirakami Mountains and the natural Akita cedar trees. Wonder at Nature and experience it through your five senses! Clean air and fresh water, rice terraces like mirrors of the sky above, Genji fireflies darting about, the starlit heavens, twittering birds and streams of clear running mountain water.

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Fujikoto 52,Fujikoto,Fujisato,Yamamoto-gun,Akita,018-3201
TEL; FAX 0185-74-6102 E-Mail info@fujisato.info
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